I would like to obtain copies of some maps

Maps from the collection are available for both noncommercial and commercial use.

How to order digital copies?

By emailing digitalizace_naki@vugtk.cz and mentioning which maps you are interested in and for what purpose. The easiest way to unambiguously identify the map is opening it in our map viewer and copy and paste the url into the email's body, e.g. http://www.chartae-antiquae.cz/maps/15022. The bold number is a unique identificator of the map.

What are tehcnical parameters of provided copies of maps?

Most of the maps were digitized with 600dpi resolution, 24b color depth and stored in TIFF format (with LZW compression). The scanner is certified for cartometric use and its ICC profile is attached to digitized maps. We can provide the maps in lower resolution and/or different file formats if desired.


The price and exact conditions are determined by owner of the original (paper) map. The maps are usually free For research and study purposes and paid if used for commercial purposes. We will inform you about the price and conditions based on the maps you're interested in.

I want a better quality copy!

Most of the maps are digitized with 600dpi resolution. If desired we can got as high as 800dpi. This would require digitize the map once more and is charged according to our price list. Furthermore is necessary to provide for the transportation of original maps to our digitalization centre in Zdiby and back. All three items (license fee, digitization and transportation) make up the total price.