Map symbols

Opening page

The Map Symbols application points out map symbol positions in map sheets by emphasizing their position. The application's use is very simple. The opening page show the map layout of 3rd Military Survey. Each map sheet in the layout is a link leading to a detailed view of appropriate sheet.

map symbols opening page

Detailed view

Detailed view presents a signle map sheet and with selected map symbols emphasized. As you can see from img. 2, most the viewport is taken by map viewer. Here the map sheet can be panned and zoomed. A sidebar on the right side of the viewport shows the map legend - a list of available map symbols. By checking (or unchecking) appropriate checkbox you can turn (or off) given symbol.

Note that the symbol list is derived from the mapset, and is the same for all maps from this mapset. It has no relation to whether the symbols actually occur in given map sheet

detailed view example

The symbols' positions are marked by red circles (see image 3). The symbols lie approximately in the cirles' centres.

map symbol marker detail